Monday, September 26, 2005


Memes and genes, sexual activities and cognitive brain work

I had suddenly the idea of comparing two phenomena of the human behaviour. It was a kind of an aha-experience. Genes take care of that what is important for them, reproduction of the human bodies, as in this way also the genes are being reproduced or replicated, as many prefer to say today. On the other hand memes are not so much interested in reproduction of human body but, in invading the brains of humans.

A known fact is that females who plan to make a career usually postpone their first sexual contacts. On the other hand girls who do not plan any academic career but become waitresses or cleaning personnel usually have sex much earlier. Girls planning career usually have sex in the age of 17 or 18, sometimes even later, as they concentrate on the studies. Sex is behavioural exhibit caused by genes, not having sex and concentrating on studies is a behavioural exhibit caused by memes.

Sometimes it is genes who win "the meme–gene" fight, then humans have sex, when memes are more successful , then humans study and do not have sex. This might be a pretty strange idea but somehow it seems to me that it fits, but of course, the idea might be completely wrong, though it seems to me to be plausible. I do not maintain that this idea must hold true for ever, but at present it seems to fit all studies made about first sex in females. I must admit I have never read any studies about males to this topic.

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